• Katherine Thomas, RN

Lets talk about Botox Partys!

I had two patients come in this week that had gotten their last injections at a Botox party. They didn't know what they received.. Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin. They didn't know how much they received. All they knew what knew was how much they paid, and they didn't get great results.

To be clear, I love Botox parties, but there are questions you need to ask about the injector. So here we go..

1. Are they an RN, MD, ARPN, or OD

2. Where do they work

3. Whois their medical director

4. Where do they work

5.Have they been trained to give injections, Where

6. How long have they been injecting

7. How often do the inject, once a month, every day

8. Do they have before and afters

9. What form of payment do they take..only cash..RUN

10. How can you reach them if they need a follow-up or an issue

I could go on.. but this is a good start. These questions go to the host also, its kinds your responsibility. The worse thing you can do is to show up have a cocktail and just trust the person putting medication in your face. ASK QUESTIONS!!

When I see a patient for the first time, I tell them to ask anything they want...I am an open book. We sit and talk and make sure they feel comfortable before we proceed.

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