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Make sure the injector you choose is qualified!

When you are deciding to get a procedure done by an injector...ask them if they have been trained for it. It's a crucial question to ask! The injector should always have their certificate hanging in their office. DO NOT be afraid to ask to see it!

I see this SO very often when patients come in after seeing someone else, they say I didn't know you could do that, or I have never heard of that, or thank you for explaining that to me, it makes perfect sense now. Nine times out of ten its because their former injector wasn't educated on advanced procedures. Let me explain

So this is how you become an injector. You must be a medical professional, in Arkansas. ( every state is different) Which means have an MD.RN.OD. DDS, or higher. Then you can take a training class to learn how to inject Neurotoxins ( Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin), and dermal fillers. There are different types of classes, beginners classes, and advanced classes. Sometimes injectors don't even have to take formal class they have reps, or trainers from the company's that they buy products from, to train them. I mean MAYBE a day or two... I don't think you can EVER get enough practice out of this to be a good an injector, but that's just me. So, let's break down what you learn in the formal day or two training classes. The beginners class you learn how to inject neuromodulators in these areas: forehead, between the eyes, and crows feet...THATS IT!. As for fillers you learn to inject in the nasal labial folds, and marrionette lines...THATS IT!! The advanced class you learn more advanced filler techniques...lips, cheeks..ect....

So what you might see is an injector that has taken a beginners class only, and think that they can do advanced techniques without formal training. That's why you MUST ask!!!

I have trained medical professionals that took ONLY the beginners class, and now are injecting lips, cheeks, etc..... Why I have no clue, but they can because the patients don't ask. Its easy to take for granted that the injector is qualified to do the procedures, and its just not the case. I have even gone so far as to draw up a document stating that I trained them only the basics and not the advanced procedures, but they won't sign it. BLOWS MY MIND. Let me tell you these aren't injectors with years of experience, they are brand new. Please ask questions, alot ofquestions. Ask if they have been trained on the procedure your asking for. If they say yes, ask where and when. Then ask them how many times they have done the procedure. If you are going to be the fifth pair of lips, they have injected then.....RUN !! I have injected hundreds and still learn something new all the time. ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS...ITS YOUR FACE.

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